Swim Stroke Analysis

Our swim stroke analysis entails a comprehensive in-the-water session to optimize your swimming technique. The fundamental elements of the freestyle stroke are addressed using scientifically supported biomechanical models and hands-on experience. They include:

  • Balance
  • Body roll
  • Stroke cadence/ Turnover
  • Hand entry/ Arm extension
  • Pull
  • Recovery
  • Kick

Specific drills are taught to remedy any imbalance in stroke mechanics and a full post-analysis summary is provided. The stroke analysis is performed in an outdoor pool and takes ~60-90 min.

Group clinics & workshops are available.

Due to the Marin County shelter-in-place order, in-person performance testing has been suspended until further notice. Please contact us for remote performance testing options.


Swim stroke analysis (group clinics available) $150

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