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The Right Fit, Right from the Start

It’s true that we’ve fit some of the top cyclists in the country. But you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of a precision bike fitting at Whole Athlete. The right fit can increase your power, leverage your strengths as a cyclist, help you descend and corner with confidence, and accommodate any injuries or limitations you may have. Even if you’re new to cycling, you’ll experience a new level of riding enjoyment with a bike position that’s biomechanically optimal and uniquely yours. As a specialty bike shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, we work with cyclists of all levels.


Our Credentials

Dario Fredrick is the founder and director of Whole Athlete. He has over 24 years of bike fitting experience with cyclists of all levels, as well as over 27 years of experience teaching alignment-based yoga. His knowledge of riders and bodies is complemented by a Master’s degree in applied exercise science that also includes formal biomechanics training. Dario is an avid cyclist himself (road, MTB, gravel, adventure…), and understands proper fit from the inside out. His deep understanding of equipment and bodies enables him to design custom bikes as individualized as the riders themselves.

John Hunt first started fitting bikes in 1989, originally trained in the Serotta Fit Kit method and designing custom bikes using the Serotta Size Cycle. His own first custom bike was built in 1992, and he has been designing bikes ever since. John’s approach to bike fitting is steeped in a deep wealth of personal knowledge and experience, allowing him to effectively address injuries through proper fit, while balancing comfort and performance. His knowledge base continues to grow as he stays current with bike geometry trends and fit-related product changes.

Whole Athlete Bike Fitting Approach

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Whole Athlete Bike Fitting Testimonials

“Some years ago Dario worked with me on a Precision Bike Fit. And more recently John worked with me on a Fitting for a New Bike Purchase. Both experiences were totally top notch. Dario and John and deeply knowledgeable experts in the realm of bikes and bike fitting. And both were also always very prompt in responses to my inquiries, always completely accommodating any needs or requests that I made. Combination of expert technical skills and being very user friendly! The best!”
–Steve W.

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