Bingham Built

Bingham Built

Masterful welder Brad Bingham creates a variety of beautiful handmade frames – from road to mountain, tandem to touring, and coupler to ‘cross. Winner of the NAHMBS Best Gravel Bike in 2016, Best Tig Frame in 2015, Best Road Bike and Tig Welds for 2014, and Best Titanium Construction Award for 2013 (among many other awards), Brad Bingham crafts some of the most beautiful Ti bikes around.

Bingham Built Custom Titanium Hardtail Mountain Bike


  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Cross/ Gravel
  • Tandem

Whole Athlete Custom Bike Fit-driven Design

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Bingham Built Custom Bikes

“My wife and I went to Dario and Whole Athlete to get custom fitted on our current bikes. We discovered that due to my wife’s unique riding geometry, she would benefit greatly from a custom build. As 25th anniversary presents to commemorate our time together in the past and future, we decided to get two matching custom bikes from Eriksen, built up by Whole Athlete. The process took three months, but was well worth the wait. The finished products are beautiful bikes. Couldn’t be happier!” –Don C.

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