The Team

In 2008, we set out to create a holistic development program and provide a pathway for dedicated Junior mountain bike racers to reach the highest levels of the sport. Our three-point philosophy was simple: Dedication, Integrity and Fun. Over the next ten years we coached and mentored numerous Junior and U23 athletes as the Whole Athlete Cycling Team. Many became National Champions. Some have even become Olympians, World Champions, World Cup winners and World Tour riders.

We are humbled by the program’s success. During its decade run, the Whole Athlete Team earned 26 Junior and U23 National Titles and had 28 Junior and U23 athletes compete at the World Championships. But more important than our results, we taught athletes to focus on the process rather than the outcome. We encouraged them to be professional and still have fun. We emphasized modesty and respect, integrity and teamwork, patience and dedication. We helped kids build confidence, knowledge, and experience through the challenging and fun sport of bike racing. Just as we asked of our athletes, we gave our best to the program – and it gave back. What a ride!

After ten amazing years, it was time to move on to other adventures. Our hope is that every rider that came through the Whole Athlete program has benefited in some meaningful way.

There are so many people who were instrumental to the vision and success of the program. We are grateful to fellow coaches, team staff, co-directors, team donors, sponsors, parents, and to all who were supportive of our mission and approach. It was truly a team effort, and an honor to be a part of it. Thank you.

Whole Athlete Cycling Team 2009-2018
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Whole Athlete Team Alumni – Professional Athletes

World Tour Road:
Sean Bennett
Neilson Powless
Quinn Simmons
Kevin Vermaerke

World Cup MTB:
Haley Batten
Christopher Blevins
Savilia Blunk
Kate Courtney
Keegan Swenson
Kelsey Urban

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