What to Bring

Bring your bicycle(s) and riding equipment (shoes, cycling clothing, gloves optional), ready to pedal indoors on a stationary trainer. If you have more than one pair of cycling shoes, bring them if you would like cleat positioning matched. If you do not currently have a bicycle, wear clothing appropriate to be fit on our size cycle. Bring your cycling shoes as well and let us know which pedal system you plan to use. If you do not have clipless pedals yet, just let us know – we can help.

Whole Athlete Bike Fitting Approach

Whole Athlete Bike Fitting Testimonials

Whole Athlete Bike Fit Pricing

“Time with Dario is always well spent. He is always focused on solving my issue and takes time to offer insight and wisdom. Once again, my fit feels great and I am excited to be back on the bike.”
–Brett O.

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