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Your Bike Should Fit You Like a Glove

Our specialty bike shop in Northern California provides essential adjustments, repairs and component upgrades to keep you riding strong and feeling good on the bike.

We believe there’s simply no substitute for our knowledge and real-word experience. For example, while one goal in cycling biomechanics is to balance the body and work in a more even, bilateral fashion, each foot orientation may need to be adjusted in a different way to achieve that goal.

Likewise, riding the wrong saddle isn’t an option. Yet saddles vary considerably in their shape, size and optimal positioning for you, and there are hundreds of options out there. We let experience – both ours and yours – drive every detail of our recommendations, from finding the right saddle, seatpost or other components and installing them optimally on your bike.

Handlebars and lever orientation can mean the difference between descending with confidence and creeping around the turns. We are as well-versed in handlebar fitting and aerodynamics as we are in bike handling and riding styles.

For more information about our holistic approach to optimal fitting and bike repair, check out our articles on bike fitting, fitting feet, saddle choices, and handlebar selection.

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“Dario found the best possible fit for the bike I’ve been riding for years. He gave great advice on the limitations of my bike frame, and advice should I decide on a different one. Great service.”
–Tom U.

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