Bike Fit Pricing

We can fit up to four bikes in a single session, and even coordinate two expert fitters to work with two cyclists in the same session. We have experience fitting all types of bikes including road, gravel, cross, XC mountain bike, trail/enduro mountain bike, touring, town/ commuter, track, time trial, triathlon, and tandem. Please allow up to two hours for a single bike fitting, and three hours for two bikes.

Whole Athlete Bike Fit Pricing


Precision Bike Fitting – One Bike
Includes precise fitting of saddle, shoe/cleats pedal interface, handlebars and levers with a full summary of fitting measurements. (TT/ Tri bikes $250, please see below).
Precision Bike Fitting – Two Bikes
Includes all bike types except TT/ Tri (please see below) - for each additional beyond two add $95.
Precision Bike Fitting for New Bike Purchase
Includes full precision fitting on current bike or accurate modeling using our size-cycle, up to three BikeCAD modeled new bike options, and follow up fitting with the new bike.
New Bike Purchase Options – Post-Fitting
Up to five CAD modeled new bike options post-fitting.
New Bike Purchase Options with Follow Up Fit – Post-Fitting
Up to five CAD modeled new bike options for fitting clients post-original fit, plus follow up fit on new bike.
Precision Custom Bike Fitting
Full fitting for custom geometry design. Includes ready-to-build design and follow up fitting with new bike. For custom design ready to build from existing fit: $95.
Precision Time Trial/ Triathlon Bike Fitting
Includes initial fitting and one follow up session.
Precision Time Trial/ Triathlon Bike Fitting
As additional bike included in same precision fitting appointment.
Remote Bike Fitting
Video-based fitting with a trainer-mounted bike or stationary bike.

Whole Athlete Bike Fitting Approach

Whole Athlete What to Bring to Bike Fitting

Whole Athlete Bike Fitting Testimonials

“While I am a recreational rider, getting a “professional” fitting from Dario has helped to make my rides more enjoyable and comfortable. I admire his experience, expertise, customer orientation, and attention to detail, and ability to work with and add huge value across the spectrum from recreational to world class riders.”
–Eric B.

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