Fuel Your Body for Optimal Performance

A Whole Athlete nutritional consultation can help you put more energy into your training sessions, maintain a healthy race weight and get ready for your peak-season goals. We emphasize whole foods, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and an appropriate balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Each nutritional assessment is sport-specific and fine-tuned for your lifestyle. Nutritional recommendations are easy to follow and realistic for your time, budget and work or travel schedule.

Some of the areas we address:

  • What to eat on race day
  • What to eat before races and hard training sessions
  • What balance is right for you (carbohydrates + protein + fats)
  • How to hydrate properly, even in the heat
  • How to eat well for optimal recovery
  • How to lose weight without losing power
  • How to prevent GI distress during competition


Nutritional Consultation – Includes client intake and a 60-minute consultation in person, by Skype or by phone $125
Follow-up Nutritional Consultation – 60 minutes $95
Follow-up Nutritional Consultation – 30 minutes $55

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“My first meeting with Dario of Whole Athlete was great, and I’m excited to work with him and his team to improve my overall wellness, with a specific focus on nutrition. Just a simple conversation about nutrition gave me greater awareness of new choices I can make to improve my racing.” –Kathryn Y.

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