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Professional Time Trial + Tri Bike Fit in the SF Bay Area

Fitting for road time trial and triathlon is both art and science. The art of TT/Tri fitting takes your unique riding characteristics and goals into consideration, while the science draws from wind tunnel testing, product testing/development, research and experience. Efficiency and handling are emphasized in minimizing aerodynamic drag while optimizing power. The result? A position that’s fast!

National and World Champions have experienced the difference. So can you. Schedule your fit and experience the ride of your life.

Whole Athlete TT and Tri Bike Fit

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“I had a great experience with Dario and John getting a TT bike fit. I had no sense of what a good TT bike fit would feel like and after a couple hours and changing everything on the bike I felt more comfortable, more stable and able to generate more power. Every detail was addressed. Dario even found a serious mechanical problem and avoided a potential crash in my future by fixing this. Huge thank you to Dario, John and Whole Athlete for being available.”
–Piers B.

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