Running Stride Analysis

Balanced biomechanics and technique are the foundations of running fast, efficiently, and injury-free. Correct running form ensures that we create and maintain momentum, deflect and reduce impact, minimize energy loss, maximizing efficiency.

The analysis takes place on a flat running track and generally lasts 60-90 min. A discussion of the athlete’s background takes place prior to the analysis, including any history of injury or imbalance that may affect a runner’s form. Then, through observation of body position and biomechanics, recommendations and drills are introduced to increase efficiency, comfort and speed while running. Biomechanical limitations are addressed including stride length, frequency, upper body position and flexibility.

Group clinics/workshops available.

Due to the Marin County shelter-in-place order, performance testing at our San Anselmo location has been suspended until further notice. Please contact us for remote performance testing options.

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Running Stride Analysis (group clinics available) $120

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“These guys really know what they are doing. The performance testing was tough and very insightful. The communication between riders and coaches is great. Overall my experience has been wonderful. Looking forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with the whole athlete group.” –David B.

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