Nolan Jenkins

Nolan Jenkins

Nolan Jenkins

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What do you like to do besides racing bikes?

In addition to riding, I love taking photos with my friends, playing frisbee, running outdoors, and traveling to new and different places.


What’s your happiest place?

My happiest place is behind bars (of a bike). ;)


What’s your top moment on the bike that’s not a result?

My top non-racing moment on a bike is that moment when you stop thinking about anything other than the flow, take in your surroundings and just enjoy the ride….


What specialty dish do you like to cook?

Pasta with Bolognese sauce!


What other non-biking related fact(s) about yourself would you like to share?

I really enjoy speaking Spanish. I’ve been taking it since I was 10, and think it’s great when I can actually apply it during travels.


What schooling are you doing next year?

I transferred to my local public high from a small private school last year. It’s a great fit socially and academically, and the teachers are super accommodating with my bike racing schedule.


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