Kevin Vermaerke

Kevin Vermaerke

Kevin Vermaerke

Kevin Vermaerke

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What do you like to do besides racing bikes?

Besides racing my bike, I enjoy camping/hiking with my friends, and basically anything that involves being out in nature.


What’s your happiest place?

My happiest place is my hometown, Rancho Santa Margarita, as this is where I have the best memories from my childhood. Roaming the town with friends, and playing up in the local hills will always stay with me as some of my best moments.


What’s your top moment on the bike that’s not a result?

My top moment on a bike, was when I used to ride with my dad on the weekends.  Before power meters or HR monitors, it was just me, my dad, and the trail.  Having him teach me the skills that I use to this day, and watching me grow into the rider I am today is something special.


What specialty dish do you like to cook?

My specialty dish would have to be omelets.  I love eggs, and can get pretty creative with whatever is left in the fridge. :)


What other non-biking related fact(s) about yourself would you like to share?

I am a straight A student, and my parents have always made my education a priority.  I also enjoy playing soccer, and only stopped at the end of 2015 to pursue cycling.


What schooling are you doing next year?

Next year I am planning on taking an online school option.  My parents and I have decided on this because we have found a program that my parents feel will still give me the education I need, yet also give me more freedom to travel to international races.


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