Kelsey Urban


Kelsey Urban

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Kentfield, CA


2017 Race Age:



Height/ Weight:

5'8" - 135 lbs.





Top Results:

1st place- National Championships Short Track, Mammoth, CA- 17+ Cat 1
2nd place- Bonelli Pro XCT #1, San Dimas, CA Cat 1 17-18
2nd place- Fontana Pro XCT, Fontana, CA UCI 17-18
6th place- Hardwood Canada Cup XC, Ontario, Canada- UCI 17-18
10th place- Ussel Coupe de France XC, Ussel, France- UCI 17-18
10th place- Fontana Pro XCT Short Track, Fontana, CA- Pro Women (top Junior)


Favorite Race:

Otztal Mountain Bike Festival, Austria


Favorite Quote:

"If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?" - T.S. Elliot


2017 Season Goals:

Increase mental and physical fortitude
Embrace the challenge of upgrading to elite
Always have fun and embrace each challenge with a positive attitude
Qualify for World Championships


Athlete Blog:

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