Kelsey Urban

Kelsey Urban

Kelsey Urban

Kelsey Urban


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What do you like to do besides racing bikes?

Explore. Adventure. Try new things. Be outside. I am hands down happiest with dirty feet, no particular destination and the wind in my face.


What’s your happiest place?

My happiest place is the ocean. Really any ocean will do but my absolute favorite is Stinson Beach at sunset, when all the crowds have left and the waves are firing. My favorite mountain as a backdrop. Maybe I'm by myself, maybe I'm with some of my best friends: body surfing, boogie boarding or surfing. Absolutely incomparable. Catching the perfect wave is the same feeling as hitting a corner just right on a mountain bike.


What’s your top moment on the bike that’s not a result?

Mount Tam. Waking up to the silent, crisp, dark morning until the sun rises. Watching the sun peer through the thick San Francisco fog and waving hello to the world just as I crest the top of my favorite mountain. Riding my favorite trails in the world down. Sharing these flawless mornings with the people I love most. Starting the day perfectly.


What specialty dish do you like to cook?

It's more what's left in the fridge... and how I can combine it in the most creative way....


What other non-biking related fact(s) about yourself would you like to share?

I strive for balance above all. It's been a little bit of a challenge to race professionally, attend university, while still connecting with those around me, but I am managing just fine.


What schooling are you doing next year?

I will be a sophomore at Stanford. Undeclared and exploring all my opportunities.


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