Jason Rowton

Jason Rowton


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What do you like to do besides racing bikes?

Listening to music is my favorite way to spend time when I'm not riding bikes. I also love to go camping and skiing as well as visit art museums and spend time with my two older brothers.


What’s your happiest place?

I am happiest anytime I'm outside, especially out on the trails on my bike. Growing up in Los Angeles has also made me really enjoy spending time in big cities and simply exploring the outdoors.


What’s your top moment on the bike that’s not a result?

I have volunteered with my local trail association a couple of times to help rebuild our mountain bike trails. I really enjoyed getting to work on the same sections of trails that I grew up riding and seeing the improvements we made when we finished. It felt good to give back to the mountain bike community knowing we made the trails safer and more enjoyable for all users.


What specialty dish do you like to cook?

I am not much of a cook so my go-to meal is usually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


What other non-biking related fact(s) about yourself would you like to share?

A few facts about me: I was a home-birth in Malibu, CA and lived there for six years. I can speak some French and I finished high school one semester early.


What schooling are you doing next year?

This fall, I will be attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO as a freshman. I have yet to declare a major but I will have a focus on mathematics.


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