Peter Nicholson – Associate Coach

Peter Nicholson has been proud to help cyclists from junior to 55+ reach their goals, whether they were a young Cat 4 dreaming of upgrading to Cat 1 or a busy professional preparing for Leadville. An admitted gear and data geek, Peter is well-versed in all aspects of training with power, from software programs such as WKO4 and TrainingPeaks to the latest versions of Stages and SRM, but all this technology is merely a means to an end – helping cyclists train efficiently, achieve their goals, and have the most fun they can on the bike.

Peter is an active Category 2 racer and also works in the cycling industry doing public relations. Despite doing a relatively poor job of picking his parents with regards to inherent athletic ability, he has managed to thrive in the competitive world of Northern California Masters and Elite bike racing. He credits this not to any particularly long history in the sport nor storied prior athletic achievements, but to a genuine passion for cycling. This passion has been enabled by efficient and effective training with the aid of power meters, and most importantly, personalized holistic coaching. He lives with his two children in Marin, where he faces the difficult daily choice of whether to ride Mt. Tam on the road or in the dirt.

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