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Dusty Roady brings over a decade of coaching and competitive experience to Whole Athlete as a multisport coach. She is a certified personal trainer, USAT Level II coach, and Level 1 USA Track and Field coach. Dusty is also a certified soccer coach, is licensed with the California Interscholastic Federation, and has coached volleyball and softball, as well as strength and conditioning for high school boys’ baseball, girls’ softball, and girls’ lacrosse. She recently designed sports-specific strength training programs for two nationally-ranked Marin rowers; one of her triathletes, who used to finish in the middle of the pack, now ranks continuously first and second in her age group and has a lot more fun in the sport.

Dusty is a competitive athlete in multisport, running, swimming, and powerlifting. She has logged 27 triathlons, with seven first place finishes, 12 podium placings. and a trip to the USAT age-group nationals. Between 1995 and 2001, Dusty competed in eight powerlifting events and one bodybuilding show (somebody’s got to do it), during which she pulled out thirty-two wins. She has earned American, national, and world records.

Dusty has a B.A. in Public Relations/Marketing, and is working toward a master’s degree in kinesiology, with an emphasis in exercise physiology. She is a single mother, continuous athlete, and coach, living by the Whole Athlete approach that balance lies at the core of success in sport and life.

Dusty found a passion for triathlon from beating the odds and the empowerment—the self awareness and self acceptance—that goes with it. She came into triathlon with no swimming and minimal biking background; and she has had the honor of having a panic attack during the swim leg, taking a wrong turn on the bike leg, flatting out, turning circles in a swim, and losing cap and goggles to a wave in the warm up. She found that with the right coaching and tenacity, anyone can not only finish the race but distinguish and define himself or herself as an exceptionally strong and capable individual. The sport offers everyone the opportunity to play on an equal field: the opportunity to excel, to learn, improve, inspire, fail with dignity and succeed with humility.

As a USAT coach, Dusty maintains the highest USAT standards of training techniques and strategies in a safe and age-appropriate environment to help athletes have fun and develop physically, psychologically, and socially, while preparing for positive competitive experience and a lifetime vision of engaging in sport and physical activity. She owns Excel Sports & Fitness, a personal training organization dedicated to improving one’s strength and conditioning.

Dusty believes in an integrated fitness approach to triathlon: a strong base of fitness and excellent biomechanics is crucial for sustained practice of individual technique and sustained participation in a skilled, safe, and injury-free manner in training and competition. Every part of the physiological and mental training program contributes to strengthen and prepare the body specifically and efficiently for the desired goal. The most effective triathlon training program progressively maximizes economy and performance while consistently fine tuning strengths and addressing challenges. Dusty trains to be prepared and excited for each event.

Dusty acts as an advocate, offering a positive base of support to inspire each athlete to personal growth in sport and life. She encourages athletes to dream, to test and stretch their limits to reach great personal accomplishment. Each race is a work of art, and mastery is achieved with learning and continuous improvement. Excelling IS an option.

Dusty lives in San Anselmo, CA and can be reached at 2sportygirl@comcast.net.

Whole Athlete Coach Dusty Roady


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